Thermaltake Armor A90 VL90001W2Z

Logan King
June 23, 2010
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Armor A90
Thermaltake Armor A90 VL90001W2Z
The Thermaltake Armor A90 is a well-designed and well-built case with a terrific sense of style, though some may have a problem with the lack of proper cable management.

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Cases typically have "general" exterior designs. For example, while the »V3 Black Edition had a large amount of subtle design cues to separate it from most cases on the market, it generally looked like a typical black PC case at first glance. Taking that into consideration, Thermaltake has designed the Armor A90. Thermaltake is Intending to create a PC case that is unmistakable at first glance without sacrificing the practicality that comes from the general dimensions most PC cases on the market currently have.

About Thermaltake


Since the beginning of Thermaltake in 1999, it has been at the forefront of creating new and exciting products at a time where most computer users were provided little to no choices for components that may seem irrelevant, but in reality crucial to the performance of a PC.

Thermaltake Server Series solutions, with years of thermal experience and industry leadership, sets its goal on reforming total thermal management in server segment by formulating the perfect mixture of versatility, efficiency and thermal management with each respective server product category: Rackmount Chassis, Server Fixed & Redundant Power Supply and Server CPU Cooling Management Solutions.

With its comprehensive line of products available, it enables Thermaltake's core customers to enjoy a one-stop-shop experience, reduce product design-in evaluation period and most important of all, flawless integration process. Each of Thermaltake's strengths enables its customer to focus on their core business while taking advantage of the skills and efficiency of a single thermal management solution partner.


The box for the Armor A90 actually stands out itself. It shows the standard picture of the case powered up, but it also has a nifty background motif as well as a CGI head towards the corners. It actually reminds us a bit of the type of boxes that graphics cards come in.

Box Front

The side of the case shows off a more standard picture of the case as well as the specific product number.

Box Side

The rear of the case has all of the information about how the case works (such as the airflow) and some of the case features.

Box Rear

The case packaging is the standard pair of foam cutouts wrapped in plastic.

images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3886liu.jpg Door Opened images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3887m7d.jpg Case Front images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3888m83.jpg Case Top images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3889l3k.jpg Case Interior images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3890m2d.jpg Case Rear images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3891lyp.jpg Case Left Side images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3892l6f.jpg Case Right Side images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3893m83.jpg Case Front Removed images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3894l0k.jpg Packaging images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3895luf.jpg Box Front images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3896l1p.jpg Box Rear images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/04/3897lmu.jpg Box Side images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/16/3915m6n.jpg 200mm Fan images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/16/3916lhf.jpg Power Supply Screen images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/21/3917lu5.jpg Case Post-Installation


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